Metal Polishing 

At Uniq Anodising we place great emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. Our well-respected polishing services are utilised by leading companies in the industrial, commercial, and architectural markets. By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we create smooth, blemish-free satin and mirror finishes on many types of metal substrates, including aluminum, brass, bronze and copper as well as steel and stainless steel.

We use a range of finishing equipment, including polishing lathes, Timesavers, belt sanders, and buffing machinery. 

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Aluminium Metal Polishing 

Aluminium is theoretically 100% recyclable without any loss of its natural qualities. If you have old Aluminum pieces or parts that need polishing. 

Buffing & polishing using compounds and a buffing wheel is similar to using dry and wet sand paper, only more efficient. Rather than working hard polishing by hand, we use the power and speed of an electric motor.

The heat from the friction melts the wax, and both wax and abrasive compounds are applied to the face of the wheel.


The objective of buffing and polishing is to make a rough surface into a smooth surface, while each aluminum piece will be in a different condition, so will the technique of buffing and polishing for each piece.


Services for buffing and polishing aluminum material: Strip off Existing Paint, Clean and Degrease Aluminum Parts, Remove Anodizing & Tarnish, Remove Dents & Molding, Sand and Smooth Scratches, Prep for Aluminum Polishing



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